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Mimosa Constans B.S., M.A.
Marriage and Family Therapist Associate

To my fellow cycle breakers..... "A cycle breaker is someone who grew up without an example of the life they wanted or needed, and fought like hell to build that life anyway." -To be a cycle breaker is a burden and a gift, to forge a path that wasn't there requires vision, determination, and an unspoken inner knowing that you're on your own. It can be lonely, exhausting, and now, you don't have to do it alone. My role as your therapist is to provide you space and support with attunement, compassion, and empathy so that you can put that burden down, and rest your weary heart.

My therapeutic approach examines how family of origin, cultural upbringing, socioeconomic inequality and attachment style have influenced your life and relationships. Uncovering the foundation you were built on so we can repair, fortify or rebuild any areas that you would like. I work with any individual, couple, or family who want guidance and support.

I've lived my life in a multi-cultural household and identify as a multi-cultural human. I've learned that the longing within each of us for love, acceptance, and autonomy are the threads of humanity that connect us all no matter where we started or how we got here. 



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What you can expect 


Empathetic, adaptive, and non-judgmental. I will help you develop self-compassion and navigate through life's challenges so that you live your life with clarity, focus, and peace of mind. I strive to be genuine, and emotionally focused.


I utilize both family systems, and client centered evidenced based techniques to help you recognize how beliefs and behaviors might be impacting current situations. As we uncover what is at the foundation of your troubles, I will provide you with concrete strategies to effectively deal with the stressors you face daily. My passion is helping all people heal, and I strive to give you a meaningful, life-changing experience in my therapy sessions.


I am a wife, mother of 4 kids, 4 dogs, and lover of the great PNW outdoors. I prioritize spending time with my family, and you may find us often traveling to the Oregon coast. 

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