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individual therapy counseling portland oregon hillsboro, OHP

Individual Therapy

Discover self-discovery and healing through personalized individual therapy. A journey tailored to your unique needs, fostering growth, and well-being.

family therapy and counseling Oregon, Portland OHP

Family therapy

Foster understanding and connection with family therapy. A supportive space to strengthen relationships, communication, and cultivate a harmonious family dynamic.

couples counseling and therapy portland oregon, OHP

Couples Counseling

Nurture your relationship with couples counseling. Tailored sessions to enhance communication, build intimacy, and foster a resilient and thriving partnership.

group therapy and counseling Beaverton, OHP oregon portland

Find strength in shared experiences with group therapy. A supportive community fostering growth, empathy, and healing in a confidential and nurturing environment.

Group Therapy

LGBTQ therapy and counseling portland oregon OHP

Celebrate diversity and embrace inclusivity with LGBTQ+ support. Providing affirming spaces, resources, and advocacy for a vibrant and empowered community.


teen counseling and therapy portland OHP oregon

Empower teens through counseling and therapy. A safe space for self-expression, resilience-building, and navigating challenges on the path.


womens therapy and counseling, OHP careOregon, portland oregon hillsboro

Empowering women's concerns with compassionate support. Addressing health, relationships, and personal growth in a safe and inclusive environment for transformative well-being.

Womens Concerns

post pardum therapy counseling portland oregon OHP

Nurture every stage of motherhood with our comprehensive pregnancy, prenatal, and postpartum support. Tailored care for a healthy and joyful journey into parenthood.

Pregnancy, Prenatal, Postpardum

Parenting counseling and therapy, OHP portland oregon hillsboro

Navigate the joys and challenges of parenting with our supportive services. Tailored guidance for fostering a strong, loving, and resilient family dynamic. Your parenting journey starts here.


multi racial therapy asian latinx counseling portland oregon hillsboro OHP

Celebrate diverse identities at our inclusive space. Tailored support for bi-racial, multi-racial, Asian, and Latinx individuals, fostering understanding, empowerment, and cultural pride.

Bi-racial, Multi-racial, Asian, Latinx

depression anxiety therapy counseling oregon, OHP

Conquer the shadows of depression and anxiety. Our compassionate counseling offers a path to healing, resilience, and a brighter tomorrow. You're not alone—let's walk this journey together.


PTSD therapy and counseling portland oregon OHP

Heal from trauma and reclaim your strength. Our specialized support for PTSD fosters resilience, empowerment, and a renewed sense of well-being. Begin your journey to recovery with us.


life transitions therapy portland oregon OHP

Navigate life's transitions with grace and resilience. Our counseling provides support, insight, and tools to thrive during changes, ensuring a positive and empowered journey forward.

Life Transitions

OHP counseling oregon portland hillsboro

Break free from the cycle of domestic violence and abuse. Our compassionate counseling provides a safe space for healing, empowerment, and rebuilding. You deserve a life free from harm.

Domestic Violence and Abuse

premarital counseling and therapy portland oregon OHP


Premarital relationships provide a unique opportunity for individuals to explore and understand the depth of their connection before taking the sacred vows of marriage.It is a time of mutual growth, where partners navigate challenges, celebrate triumphs.

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