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My Background and Approach

My therapeutic technique examines how family of origin, upbringing, and attachment style influence an individual over their lifespan.  


I work with Individuals, as well as couples, and families who want guidance and support with life. My goal is to create a safe space for you to share your experiences, so that you can better understand your feelings, responses, and needs. In uncovering this we can identify life patterns and themes as well as areas that need healing or improvement and work towards your ideals.


I've learned that the longing within each of us for love, acceptance, and autonomy are the threads of humanity that connect us all no matter where we started or how we got here. 

Supervised by:

Brandie Lyday LMFT 

Lorinda Sanders LCSW

and Expertise

individual therapy counseling portland oregon, OHP

Discover self-discovery and healing through personalized individual therapy. A journey tailored to your unique needs, fostering growth, and well-being.

Individual therapy

family therapy and counseling OHP oregon portland

Foster understanding and connection with family therapy. A supportive space to strengthen relationships, communication, and cultivate a harmonious family dynamic.

Family therapy

couples counseling and therapy OHP oregon

Nurture your relationship with couples counseling. Tailored sessions to enhance communication, build intimacy, and foster a resilient and thriving partnership.

Couples counseling

group therapy and counseling OHP portland

Find strength in shared experiences with group therapy. A supportive community fostering growth, empathy, and healing in a confidential and nurturing environment.

Group therapy

LGBTQ therapy and counseling, OHP portland oregon hillsboro

Celebrate diversity and embrace inclusivity with LGBTQ+ support. Providing affirming spaces, resources, and advocacy for a vibrant and empowered community.


teen counseling and therapy, OHP portland hillsboro oregon

Empower teens through counseling and therapy. A safe space for self-expression, resilience-building, and navigating challenges on the path.


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